User Experience / User Interface

The Driving Ideas Box was a paper-based and very slow process for collecting, voting on and implementing the innovative ideas of Vienna drivers. It was hardly noticed and the process was not transparent. The goal was to create a scalable, digital idea collection box.

Requirements Engineering

Through market research, competitor analysis, a survey and driver interviews, we were able to gather the most important features for our digital solution: a progressive web app where users submit ideas, vote on ideas and receive notifications on the status of their ideas. During the duration of the project, the client requested an additional feature that would help them implement the most valuable ideas.

Personas and Scenarios

Personas, customer journey map/user scenarios:
Based on our findings, we created 3 different personas reflecting the various needs of each user group.

User scenarios helped us create our information architecture for the digital product. The Customer Journey Map highlighted the pains that needed to be addressed and the gains that informed our choice of features.

Prototyping and User Testing

Sketching and rough wireframes helped us define our screen layouts. We then moved into wireframing in Figma and building a low-fidelity prototype that we tested on drivers.
Following our user tests, we re-structured the information architecture, changed icons and micro-copy to create our high-fidelity prototype. We iterated and adjusted accordingly.

Final Prototype

Our final product offers quick voting and easy idea submission for drivers, while giving feedback on the current status in the idea process. Administrative users can review and decide on newly submitted ideas, have a clear overview of all ideas and are able to give personal feedback to drivers.

Additionally, we have integrated a feature that allows administrative users to call for ideas to address specific problems. Combined with an experience points based reward system, users were thus more willing to engage with the product.

Project Team

We were involved in this project via our UX Bootcamp at Talent Garden Innovation School.

Pauline Scheuba

Rebecca Kiechl

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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