User Interface / Corporate Identity

The aim was to create a digital conference platform, that enables choir, theater and dance companies to rehearse together in a better way by synchronizing their audio feeds and providing them with musical tools.

Project Entering

I joined the user interface team, when all the information architecture was nearly finished. My responsibility was structuring the different choir, theater and dance departments and creating icon sets for it.

User Interface,
Corporate Identity

Together with the other User Interface Designers and User Experience Designer I worked on several variations of the User Interface and restructured it several times until we had a clean and easy layout. Next to this I started defining the Corporate Identity Guidelines for Press and common use.

Minimal Viable Product

Throughout the whole project we closely worked together with the developers. For the MVP we went over our information architecture again and created a new adaptation which led to our final design choices inside the User Interface scheme.

Final Prototype

The contract for us as User Experience and User Interface Designers was coming to an end. To give this project an opportunity to survive with the minimal amount of involved contractors we created a complete component library.

Project TEam

During this project many people came and left. Inside this User Interface Team my most important colleagues were Bryan Mischling (, Alessandro Anatrini and Jörn Schröder. I worked with them on the MVP and the component library.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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