Music Cover

Social Media / Print Design

Music often gets released with a video and gets streamed via various platforms. On those streaming providers the upload of an image is required- a music cover. This cover should represent the artist and the story. Therefore I focus on the emotional story that the artist wants to tell, get inspired by the song, the video and the lyrics to create a cover that represents the artist and the music on an emotional level.

Richard Peter

Richard Peter a singer with roots in musical theater. With his single “I ain’t the money” he started his career in the pop music industry. The core question in this song is “Money makes the world go round?” With the cover we focused on the sentences “I am not worth any money. I am more than material.” and tried to express this in the photo collage.

His second single “Silence” is about the fight with loneliness. This feeling can make you scared and is welcoming to thoughts you did not reflect on yet. The cover should represent the shadow that is hiding in the dark, a thought that might scare all of us.

Karen Danger

Karen Danger a german columbian Woman with a vocal background in various genres such as classic, musical theatre and Azerbaijan Music tries herself in the pop. The single “Give me my smile back” talks about a broken heart and the fight to move on.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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