User Experience / User Interface / Corporate Design

Designing a drop-shipping online shop which supports the environmental footprint and supports the proper recycling of plastic with every purchase was the aim.

Requirements Engineering

Through the competitor analyses I found the most common patterns in online shopping and decided to test the websites that came closest to the online shop I had to create. Other constraints in designing were that the drop-shipping company plug-in had some patterns pre-set that don’t allow so much adaptation as well as some legal boundaries.

User Research

In the first user research phase costumers often mentioned that they like to shop via phone but actually buy it on the computer. In later testings I found out that the reasons for this were unclear and over-crowded buying processes on the phone.

Information Architecture

Based in my findings and the prior research I created an information architecture and decided on the most important features this shop should have. A few more ideas came to mind that could be integrated later.

Prototyping and User Testing

Due to my first user tests I started designing a desktop version, which turned out not to be the best solution. This is why I changed to a mobile first approach. By consulting with other professionals and more user testing I reached the high-fidelity prototype.

Final Prototype

This project was my personal project inside the User Experience Bootcamp at Talent Garden Innovation School. I learned a lot by consulting with professionals and my colleagues.

next Step

This project is a one close to my heart. I had it in mind for several years. Therefore I am sure it will evolve further and go through several iterations in the future.
The next step will be to set up the web shop and its basic functions and test it again.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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