Drama for Youth Work

Print / Book Design

At Drama for Youth Work (DYW) the task was to create an online exercise PDF-manual that can be printed out in sections or as a complete booklet. This book should help youth workers in Europe to work on critical topics and help educate today’s youth.

About DYW

Drama for Youth Work is an initiative by youth theater organisations ON&OFF (Spain), BiondekBühne (Austria) and Crooked House (Ireland). This project responds to the guidelines in the fields of education and youth stated in the Paris Declaration that which were agreed on after the terrorist attacks in France and Denmark in 2015.

Drama for Youth Work Booklet


Drama for Youth Work – Icon Set

The manual is split into different topics containing an introduction, a warm-up exercise and a few follow-ups to get deeper into the topic with the youth group. Descriptions are step by step guides containing a clear time indication needed and a suggested group size. Effort was made to guide through the manual using an intuitive color-coded icon set.

Project Cycle

In the first stage of the project I created a variation of example pages, evaluated those and afterwards created the whole manual based on this design choice. The booklet went over a few correction rounds until the final product was finished in autumn of 2020.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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